About Alex

Alexander Gulavskiy was born in July 27, 1960 in Korosten (Zitomirskaya district, Ukraine). His father was a military officer. While studying at school he entered an alpinist club and stayed with it for 35 years.

Any Snow Leopard would be honored to share credentials of Alex as a traveller. This list includes breathtaking mountains, sacred places and exotic islands: Bhutan and Mustang, India and Nepal, Pakistan and Iran, Putorana Mountains and Kamchatka Peninsula, Tian Shan and Altai Republic, Burma and Vietnam, Ethiopia and South Africa, Los Roques and Zanzibar Archipelago, Columbia and Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru, Uganda and Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Iceland and Svalbard, Mount Kilimanjaro and Margherita Peak, Toubkal and Ras Dashen, Chimborazo and Belukha Mountain, Mount Kailash, Fansipan Mountain and Mount Kinabalu, Mount Kenya and Aneto ...

The story of Alex as a photographer is a bit shorter than being a traveller. Breathtaking landscapes, portraits and live scenes - this is a world - through the eyes of inspired and talented person, who is in love with our Planet. Watching his photos enables people for a short period of time to lose their balance and get off the ground, to feel themselves fearless pathfinders. With his photos Alex proves how beautiful our Planet is.